Art-Duels powered by fans
We love digital art. We think the best way to experience art is through playfulness. Fabimo is about interacting, sharing and appreciating great art.

How does it work? Have a quick peek!
What is Fabimo?

Fabimo is a decentralized platform for showcasing digital art. Museums and galleries are no longer the gatekeepers of art, we the people are.

Why are we doing this?

Artists shape culture. We want to raise awareness for aspiring artists and find the Da Vincis, Picassos and Warhols of today and give them the exposure they deserve.
People think art can only be found in museums and galleries by artists who are long gone. But this could not be further from the truth. We live arguably in the most creative time in history with so many talented artists creating amazing work every day. The problem is to find great art. Unfortunately social media with it's endless stream of noise is not an ideal place. Neither are curated websites with art handpicked by a small group of people. Fabimo offers a decentralized and democratic solution where everyone can get involved and discover the best art of today.

How does it work?

On Fabimo art enthusiasts and artists are sharing their favorite artworks for everyone to enjoy and to appraise. To give every artwork the same fair shot for exposure, artworks are randomly shown to users and duel each other. The most appraised artworks are featured in our online gallery for everybodys inspiration and the most engaged users will get a reward at the end of every month.

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