Fabimo is a platform where art meets play. Digital artists and fans can connect and artworks can be discovered through artwork battles and leaderboards.

Fabimo wants to bring art and people closer together. How top music charts present to people the most trending music we present the most trending digital artworks, giving people the complete and sole decision power to decide what artworks they do love the most. Fabimo is also a fantastic platform for aspiring artists to let the quality of their artwork speak for itself rather than chasing the numbers of followers on social media.

Fans of Art
Discover new artworks daily through artwork battles and charts. Create and curate your own fanpage of your favorite artist.

Artists can upload their artworks and gain exposure quickly and easily. Artworks stay forever fresh in the Arena.

Players can display their ambitions for aspiring art by competing on the monthly leaderboard.

The team behind Fabimo:

Fabimo is a passion project by two London based digital designers and former interactive media students: one is very interested in giving aspiring artists a platform, the other is deeply passionate about online strategy games. We also have a kick ass developer in our team who can handle all the magic behind the scenes.

With Fabimo we think to have created a truly democratic voting system for a digital artwork ranking which gives power to the people rather than a jury or forged like or follower numbers.

"Fabulous in my opinion" - what artwork do you find fabulous?

If you want to know more or want to join the team, please contact us on fabimo@fabimo.com