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How does Arena work?

Arena is the place where users vote for their favourite artwork. When you vote for an artwork you see immediately if the artwork was Favourite or Underdog compared to his challenger and the new artwork rating will be calculated. Voting will give you points which will increase with levels.

What is happening when I vote?

With each vote you get points. You can use those points to collect artworks. You find the value of an artwork on the artwork page.
Your vote will give points to the artwork too and increase their rating. See Charts.

What are the user Levels for?

With different levels you are unlocking different features, eg. Level 2 (30 votes) will unlock your avatar upload.

Why Collect?

With your points - which you earn by voting in arena - you can collect an artwork. Depending how well the artwork is doing in the next 3 days it will give you points towards the influencer leaderobard.Collected points will also give you points when it scores a Triple.

What is a Triple?

A Triple is when an artwork gets 3 consecutive votes in Arena. If an artwork gets a Triple the user who collected this artwork will get 10 score points towards the influencer leaderobard.

How do collected artworks give points?

In two ways:
1. If they get a Triple in Arena which results in 10 points for you each time it hits.
2. If they get higher in the charts.

How can I collect an artwork?

On the artwork page there is a Collect button. If you have enough points you can collect an artwork for 3 days before it becomes available for every user again.

How many score points do I get from my collected artworks?

This depends on the number of Triples and the rating of your artwork. The lower the rating of your artwork the higher the possible score gain, but the more popular your collected artwork the higher is the chance of a Triple. You will not loose points if your artwork's rating is lower than when you have collected it.

What can I win if I top the leaderboard?

For now only a bdage and honor. There will be cash prizes in future and when advertised.

What are Fanpages?

Fanpages are pages created by Fabimo users and populated with free online available artworks of the artists. Fanpages are a expression of love from fans for their idols. If you are the artist you can show your appriciation for your superfan, but you have also the option to request to take over the fanpage and make it your own, or if you are really not happy we can also take it down, just email us at fabimo@fabimo.com.